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How to keep yourself Healthy and fit easily?

But you already know this is not possible. 

For those people who are starting now, I think fall and winter are the high time to get back on your fitness journey. And to step up your health because we are not really with that added pressure of spring and summer that “oh we have to get in bikini by this day so we have to get fit and do a lot of unhealthy things to get a bikini body for a trip or a photo shoot or for whatever that happens in spring and summer”. So you have the time to sit down a good foundation for a long-lasting lifestyle, and a new lifestyle that will keep you healthy Here are some tips through which you can stay fit and healthy easily…

1. Create a Fitness Routine you can stick.

How to keep yourself Healthy and fit easily?

So this can manifest itself in different ways like “join a gym,” “go to classes at that gym,” “start running every morning,” but the key is to work out at least 30 minutes a day, 5 to 6 days in a week. I always like to give my self a rest day, and it is also essential to mix up your workout so that you don’t get bored or get lazy or feel like you’re getting into a routine a lot of times. If we do the same workout every day, then we hit a Plateau ( a state of little or no change ).

At first, we will lose a lot of weight, we will see a lot of toning and also we will see a lot of muscle gain but then we will hit a plateau, and that’s when you have to switch things up.

In the beginning, you probably won’t plateau but later on you well so it’s a good rule of thumb always to switch up your workout. One day do arm workout then another day do lower body, so you always alternate ( to happen or exist one after the other repeatedly ).

2. Clean up your diet.

How to keep yourself Healthy and fit easily?

First thing first, drink a lot of water guys. We often mistake thirst for hunger, so when we were feeling thirsty, we start snacking on something or eat some healthy food or eat food full of calories or fat. As a result of which due to less water, our body gets dehydrated. So always make sure to drink a lot of water.

We all know that during high physical activities, our body uses a lot of water, so it is highly recommended to stay always hydrated before, during, and after exercise which helps your body from harm. Also, the Study shows that Peoples who are on a diet lose more weight when they increase their water intake.

Also, cutting out alcohol has helped me immensely. I only drink alcohol on special occasions. I don’t even crave alcohol anymore, which is a great thing. Alcohol is not suitable for you spiritually and mentally for your body as well — for example, Beer, which has so many Calories.

3. Make Breakfast your most substantial meal of the day.

How to keep yourself Healthy and fit easily?

A large study found that peoples who made breakfast the most substantial meal of the day were more likely to lose weight than those who made dinner and lunch their most substantial meal.

Also When you start eating breakfast like a King, then you feel more satisfied all day. You are less likely to dig into the junk food later on, and you won’t get all hungry late at night. Eating a large breakfast is good because you end up burning those calories throughout the day.

4. Don’t weight yourself, measure yourself.

How to keep yourself Healthy and fit easily?

The reason I say don’t weigh yourself is because we can quickly become obsessed with the numbers on a scale. When a lot of time the numbers on a scale don’t reflect our progress, we can be gaining weight because we’re gaining muscle at that time.

What I find has helped me is to measure myself with tape, and you could get a fabric tape from your fabric store or your craft store and measure your waist, hips, arms, and legs. That way, you can also track your progress without getting obsessed with weight. And obsessing overweight is going to lead to discouragement and unhealthy habits. Also, remember healthy weight loss in a fit body takes times, so don’t expect result overnight. Getting to your ideal goal takes time, and patience, so be patient with yourself and always keep a positive mind

5. Cultivate a mindset of health and confidence.

How to keep yourself Healthy and fit easily?

This point is probably number one, but we often forget our mindset will determine a lot of things in our life. It defines our success, our failure, and our outcomes in our life, so it’s essential to work on our mindset.

As I mentioned before, don’t focus so much on your weight loss and your progress as much as on how you feel if you are not used to a healthy lifestyle like eating healthier food that is less calorie dense than it going to be harder for you. To overcome this hardness, you need to eat a little bit more healthy food to feel satisfied.

So don’t ever feel like you have to starve yourself or restrict yourself. If you are hungry and get a craving, by all means, eat it but don’t let that turn into a habit that every time you feel bad, you’re going back to the junk food.

You have to focus on having a sustainable lifestyle and a sustainable diet that you know you're going to stick.

It’s also important to focus on your strengths and your athletic progress. How many crutches you can do now as opposed to last week or how many reps you can do now without getting tired. Things like that keep you focused and keep you with your goal. And those small goals are just as crucial as those long-term goals.

Write them down, focus on them, and you’ll see you are keeping yourself motivated. If you keep your body healthy, your mind will follow suit, and if you keep your brain healthy, your body will follow suit. So don’t compare your progress with anyone else or the way your body is shaped or your body type to anyone else. Never compare yourself with others. You have your own unique body and an individual goal and a unique path in life to focus on yourself, your health, you’re well being, and you can stick to this long term. Also if you want to lose your weight fast and quickly please read this.

Put in the work, everything you put into your body you will get returns. And it might not be immediately, and you start now, six months from now you will have a completely different, healthy, fit body.

Thank you for reading this article, if you guys have any opinion or think “something is missing” you can tell me in the comment or you can mail me. Have a nice day and a nice body also heehehee.

Hello, My Name is Akshay Ravish and I am a Blogger, Graphic Designer, and a fitness coach. Whether you are looking for health tips, Nutrition hacks, gym tips & Fitness hacks everything you can find here at WhiteAct.com


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