The secret of Successfully getting a girl which really like you

I have received many compliments and positive feedback on the effectiveness of this guide on how to get a girl to like you. Several people have put these tips into action and have seen their success. I put a lot of time into writing this article, so I recommend you read all of it to make the most out of it. With that being said, let’s get to the mysteries of becoming a master pickup artist:

1) Don’t Postpone or Hesitate

The secret of Successfully getting a girl which really like you

This tip is essential, and probably the most critical step in approaching a woman. If you hesitate, you will get more nervous, and she will probably see you working up your courage. With that being said, you should approach a woman within 3 to 5 seconds of observing her without stalling.

The best way I would approach a woman without stalling was to say to myself: “What’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like she’s gonna slap me in the face as soon as I approach her…”

2) Start With a fancy pickup line

The secret of Successfully getting a girl which really like you

Pickup lines should regularly be changing (depending on where you and she are). If you are in a club, you could use a range about how she likes the club compared to others in the city…If you are on the road or street, you could ask her where some of her favorite spots to eat are. Each situation is different than others, but one thing to keep in mind is that good line NEVER has a “yes” or “no” answer.

Use a line that needs some real talk. Make sure your lines are original…The last thing you want her to say is: “Wow I’ve heard this opener before…” If for some reason she does say this to you, just go with it and act naturally like you really do want her opinion on the question that you asked her. Keep in your mind, it is also good to smile positively while talking to her. Smiles go a LONG way and speak a lot about a person. If you have an ugly smile, I would suggest seeing the dentist…

Smiles can either be a huge turn-on or a huge turn-off.

3) Don’t Neglect Her Friends

The secret of Successfully getting a girl which really like you

If she’s with friends (usually they are), make sure you don’t ignore them. Join the entire group! This will not only show her that you are a friendly person, but it will make her WANT to earn your attention as well. A simple: “Hi I’m [Your Name]” and maybe a handshake (depending on the vibes) to everyone in the group is an excellent place to start. Then get their views as well on the opinion that was explained earlier in the previous tip.

4) Body Language

The secret of Successfully getting a girl which really like you

Don’t be the typical “annoying creepy guy” that goes up to a girl and stands up straight right in front of her asking her the same pickup line she’s heard before. That is definitely not how to get a girl to like you. Instead, prove to her that you have value. Make her WANT to get to know you. The best way to do this is by doing what I’d like to call the “half-shoulder approach.”

This means that when you’re talking to her, you are at a fair distance (where she can still hear you) but systematically you turn your shoulder away to face the other way pretending like you are watching for your friends. Mainly you want to give her some attention, but then you want to give your attention elsewhere…This is also known as “body rocking.”

By doing so, she will think you have something to do and people to see (aka. that you have value)…Women love this because they love to chase rather of being chased! If you go up to her and give her your full attention she might get creeped out and she won’t feel like your a challenge at all.

Women LOVE a good challenge…It’s their nature.

5) Getting the Phone Number

The secret of Successfully getting a girl which really like you

After about 3 to 8 minutes of enjoyable chatting and chemistry (maybe even less, depending on the vibes you are getting), you might want to jump onto the next step of trying to get her phone number. However, I wouldn’t suggest getting her phone number if she is still with her group of friends as this can be a bit uncomfortable.

If she seems comfortable with you, try and get her isolated from the group. If she isn’t satisfied with you, there is no reason to try and get her phone number, and you have to win this from her in the 3 to 8 minutes you have. If you aren’t getting the vibe that you will get her phone number then don’t sweat it, tell her you are going to go back with your friends, and you might see her around. However, if you are getting a good vibe, here are a couple of right questions that I recommend using:

  • “Hey I gotta get back with my friends but I’d like to call you sometime, why don’t you give me your phone number?”
  • “You seem like you’d be happy to hang out with, let me get your number.”
  • “We should hang out sometime….” [Then Pause for her response if she says: “YA! totally!”]…then its easy from there…just ask her for her number.

These actions of asking her are obviously pretty up-front ways and shows you are presently interested in her and want to get to know her better (which isn’t a bad thing…its good that she knows that a guy that has value is interested in her)…that is what will make her answer the phone when you call her.

If she thinks you’re a player just looking to get action, chances are she won’t answer your phone call. There is always a thin line between being a player and a guy with confidence. Make sure you don’t represent yourself as a player if you really on the look-out for a healthy relationship.

If you get turned down by a girl (and it will happen), the vital thing to do is not let it get to you. You can’t make a small thing like that break your confidence. One thing that helped me is to remember the guys that pick up the most girls in a club are the ones that also get turned down the most.

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to get a girl to like you. If you put these tips into play you will become a master pickup artist in no time! Or if you want to know “She is interested in you or not” check out this post.

Practice makes perfect, so get out there and meet some women!


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